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Infrared Thermometer with free "K" type temperature probe

    The IR thermometer can determine the surface temperature by measuring the amount of infrared energy radiated by the target's surface or by contact using a thermocouple probe as well ambient temperature
    IR thermometer is specially designed for use in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications

    Advanced features:

      - Triple mode temperature measurement:
      a) Object (surface)
      b) Ambient (air)
      c) Thermocouple (K type)
      - Wide temperature measurement:
      a) Object (surface) from -50C ~ 600C (-58F ~ 1112F)
      b) Ambient (air) from 0C ~ 70C (32F ~ 158F)
      c) Measureable temperature from thermocouple -50C ~ 1000 C (-58F ~1832F)
      - Resolution: 0.1C (0.1F)
      - Distance to spot (D:S): 12:1
      - Laser pointer, backlight, audible sound
      - Hold/freeze reading
      Note: Ni-Cr and Ni-Si 'K' type temperature probe, temperature measureable from -40C (-40F) ~ 250C (482F)
      - Battery powered : 1 x 9V (6F22 / 6LR61 / 1604)
      - Dimensions (LxWxD) mm : 153x120x42
      - Weight (approx.) grams : 145 (without battery)
Item no.MS-IT01K
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