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MS-79(4) Forehead Fever IR Thermometer Accurate / Quick / Easy
Introduction :

    It is common practice to check the temperature level of a patient as an indication of their state of health.
    To ensure patient comfort, as well as reducing the risk of passing infection on to medical staff, there is a shift away from the traditional invasive approaches used in the past towards non-invasive ones, i.e. Non-contact forehead temperature measurement.

    Specifications :

      - Forehead temperature measurement : from 30C ~ 43C ( 86F ~109.4F)
      - Resolution : 0.1C ( 0.1F)
      - Unit conversion : C / F (selectable)
      - Distance to spot (D:S): 1:1
      - Hold / Freeze reading
      - LED Alarm indication :
      a) Below 30C ( 86F), display 'Lo' and green LED flash.
      b) ≧30C ~ 37.5C ( 86F ~ 99.5F), display measured reading and green LED lights up.
      c) ≧37.5C ~ 43C ( 99.5F ~ 109.4F), display measured reading and red LED lights up.
      d) >43.0 C ( 109.4F), display 'Hi' and red LED lights up
      e) Laser pointer
      - Accuracy (@Ambient temperature 16C ~ 40C
      a) 30C ~ 32C, 0.5C
      b) ≧32C ~ 36C, 0.3C
      c) ≧36C ~ 39C, 0.2C
      d) ≧39C ~ 42C, 0.3C
      e) >42.1C, 0.5C
      - Standard comply :
      -IR sensor comply with ASTM standard section 5.3 (designation : E1965-98(2009) - standard specification for Infrared Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature)
Item no.MS-79(4)
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