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Wireless Connectivity AC Clamp Meter

Introduction :
This is a Bluetooth with memory Integrated Wireless Connectivity AC Clamp Meter

Specification :
-Max. Voltage between Terminal and Earth : CAT II, 600V(AC/DC), CAT III, 300V (AC/DC)
-True RMS
-Count /Digit : 400/3-3/4
-Sampling rate 3 times / sec
-Auto/Manual 'V' (AC/DC) 600V
-Auto/Manual 'Ω' / Continuity <50Ω : 40MΩ/Beep
-Diode check : 3.000V
-400A/1000A : 400A
-AC/DC external clamp adaptor input 1000A
-NCD' Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector (Audible and Numerical display ) >25V (AC) : Numerical digital AC signal strength
-'SPT' Single Probe Test AC Voltage (Audible and Numerical display ) >25V (AC) : Identity 'Live/Hot' and 'Neutral'/Ghost wire/Voltage difference /Ground/Earthing connection
-freeze/Hold reading
-Auto power off : (5 mins) or always 'ON'
-Anti Burn Protection (ABP) on full range and up to 250V (AC/DC)
-Relative Reading (Rel)
-Max./Min./Max.- Min. display
-Input impedance 10MΩ
-'OL' Over range display
-Low battery indication (2.6V approx.)
-Maximum Conductor diameter for measurement (mm) < 50
-Maximum open jaw (mm) : 50
-Measureable temperature from thermocouple -50C ~ 1000 C (-58F ~1832F)
-'K' type temperature Ni-Cr and Ni-Si sensor, temperature range measureable -40C ~ 250C ( -40F ~ 482F) to be provided
-Stanalone mode of Bluetooth Connectivity transmit data to Smart phone/Tablet with iOS APPS or Android APPS
-Data logger compatible (Bluetooth with memory integrated)
-Battery powered : 2 AAA (R03 / LR03 )
-Dimension (LxWxD) mm : 208x77x35
-Weight (approx.) grams : 138 (without battery)

Item no.MS-BM364CTE
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