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Flexible Coil AC Current Sensor
Ideal for Measuring:

    - Analysis of harmonics, power measurements
    - Very high-current monitoring
    - Measuring starting transients of electric motors
    - Sudden short circuit testing
    - Arc furnace currents
    - High-current monitoring of switch-gear and fuses
    - Data logging
    - Can be measured by popular multi-meter

Advanced Features:

    - Air-cored coil sensor has very low-inductance comparing with iron-core So, it can fast respond changing current. As it has no iron-core to saturate, it has highly linear even when subject to large current, such as those used in electric power, transmission, welding, or pulsed power applications
    - Wide response band width
    - No mechanical hum noise and heat generate when sensing large current
    - Extra light weight and slim size
    - More flexible
    - No need to shutdown power
    - Battery powered : 1 AAA (R03 / LR03 ) alkaline battery

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    Item no.MS-FCCS10ADP
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